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name:Synthetic Diamond Nozzle



This nozzle is made from polycrystalline diamond which gain unprecedented wear resistance. Its life is 10-20 times longer than boron carbide nozzle, 150-200 times longer than tungsten carbide nozzle.

The nozzle is composed of synthetic polycrystalline diamond liner and jacket. The liner is made through sinter of synthetic diamond powder under the condition of ultrahigh pressure and high temperature (60,000 atmospheric pressure, 1400-1500).

Choose tungsten carbide, boron carbide and synthetic diamond nozzle with inner bore of 6mm and 20mm35mm for a comparison,using green silicon carbide with grain size of 24 meshes. Tungsten carbide nozzle may be used for 8-10 shifts; boron carbide nozzle may be used for 70-80 shifts; but synthetic diamond nozzle is more than 1000 shifts.

We can offer straight bore synthetic diamond nozzle of various specifications. Customers drawing are welcomed.


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